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I like the fact that the tour guide thinks that cell phones are not phones. I think the real advantage goes to people who don't have cell phones because they actuallly know peoples' phone numbers. When I got locked out of the Lamont phone banking office with my cell inside (yes, irony) the only person I could call was my mom -- I seriously didn't know ANYONE else's phone number. (Thankfully I knew *her* cell and she was at a different Lamont office so she could tell her people to call my people and let me in...)

But more to the point, CPK is not great pizza. Even though it can now be found on the East coast. That's all. Oh, and congrats DR. Codswallop!

Susan Owen

To give the second tour guide the benefit of the doubt, CPK could be accurately called a "great pizza place". If you look up "great" in the Merriam Websters online dictionary, here are the first three definitions of "great"

1 a : notably large in size : HUGE b : of a kind characterized by relative largeness

CPK's are HUGE. Amongst the relatively largest pizza places I have been in.

2 a : large in number or measure : NUMEROUS b : PREDOMINANT

CPK's are large in number, even on the East Coast now.

3 : remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness

Considering the quality of their pizza, it is remarkable the magnitude of their chain.

Actually, I find CPK pizza perfectly edible...but I agree that it is not *great* pizza, where here I will specify that I am using Merriam Webster's 5th definition of great:

5 a : EMINENT, DISTINGUISHED b : chief or preeminent over others.

Anyway, I'm just saying...maybe the second tour guide wasn't so off. :-)



It really is amazing to hear the types of ignorant, ill-informed, or just plain erroneous statements those in the public eye make without seeming to realize how stupid they make themselves appear by doing so!

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