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Buon juorno, Tex, from sunny, soccer-mad Italy. Yes, I get to watch Italy play in the World Cup finals from Italy. Watching them win the semis against Germany last night in the final minutes was pretty exciting. Especially since nothing much happened for the first 119 minutes, giving everyone ample time to drink beer, heckle, and save up lots of energy for all the exhuberant jumping and cheering. And the exhuberant jumping and cheering from the first goal was only interupted when people saw that a second goal was about to be scored. I went to bed long before the exhuberant jumping and cheering from the second goal was over...

So, I am supposed to be in Milan on Sunday, the day of the final and fly back to the U.S. Monday morning. If the Italians win, I really wouldn't be surprised at all if they shut down the whole freakin' pasta loving country and I'm stuck here for a few days. Which would only suck because I'd miss my summer league game...


p.s. I'm here for an earth science conference, so YES, the Europeans that I've met *will* go back to watching rock formations after the World Cup ends...


Buon juorno to you, Sue! If that's a real phrase; looks iffy to me. Both goals were in the last few minutes? I didn't look yet. Glad you got to watch the game though, it would be fun just for the crazy cheering fans at least. But how did you escape the inevitable riots?

Hmmm, I'll have to think of something more boring than watching rock formations erode. But if you do get stuck in Italy, I'm sure you'll find something to do. See you when you get back!


I know I'm a year late but....

"Hmmm, I'll have to think of something more boring than watching rock formations erode"

It's called the WNBA.

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