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I don't really care about baseball but I have to root for the curse. There's so little you can really count on these days and with the Red Sox's recent success there are so few remaining curses. Go Curse!

Also, love the mascot collage.


Tex is one of my favorite people. However, his sports fandom is, in short, despicable. First off, we must consider the obvious-- Tex is a fan of a team from a city and state he did not grow up in. Though this may seem old-fashioned in our globalized world, consider Rule #18 from the Sports Guy's Rules for Being a True Fan: "18. If you live in a city that has fielded a professional team since your formative years, you have to root for that team." There are several exceptions, but none apply to Tex. And though he did not grow up in Milwaukee, he did grow up in Wisconsin, and one clearly defers to state after city. When asked, he'll give you some Wilford Brimley feel good tale about his loving uncle making him a White Sox fan at the tender age of five. Yes, we all get a little weepy at the thought of cute little five year old plasma protegy Tex, but don't be swayed by sentamentality. There is no crying in baseball. Tex is from Wisconsin and should be a Brewers fan. Period.

"But Mike," you ask, "why do you care? Why are you so cruel? Can't Tex like who he wants?" For many years, I have respected Tex' fandom and referred to him as "my White Sox fan friend." I congratulated him on his team's cheating championship. However, Tex has crossed a line in pretending his questionable fandom gives him the right to go even further and deride the Cubs. It is one thing to be a fan of a team you shouldn't be a fan of, but it is taking it too far to deride the crosstown rival of the cheating team you shouldn't be a fan of in the city that you never lived in. That's like not only supporting the Iraq War, but suddenly declaring yourself a Shiite and hating the Sunnis. Just cause your US citizenry tangentially lets you root for the Iraq war, you can't start saying how Baghdad is such a better part of town than Fallujah. Tex has no rights to make fun of or hate the Cubs. Unfounded love is one thing-- we've all experienced that-- but unfounded hate is just evil, and has called into question Tex's very fandom.

Thank you.


Wow, using the Sports Guy's rules against me...I don't even know what to say. I've got nothing. I'm too doubled over from that rhetorical kick to the nuts. I demand that we both e-mail the Sports Guy repeatedly for an official ruling on this until he gives one.

And for the record, I never hated the Cubs until I found out how much Cub fans rooted against the Sox in the Series last year. I mean, I get that most of the time, or in a place like New York. But when a city has failed as long as Chicago had, you should at least tone it down when the other team has a shot. Plus they've jumped all over Ozzie lately when they should know how much of a tool Jay Mariotti is. For the record, I was pulling for the Cubs during 2003. Never again, unless and until every Cub fan apologizes to me personally.

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